Aren’t you bored to death with yet ANOTHER

Hey, here’s how I made 12 million dollars in 12 seconds – and if you pay me to learn my secret and take the EXACT steps I took, YOU can do this, too!

And if you don’t it’s your fault for not doing exactly what I told you to do!’ - program?


Aren’t you tired of all the fakeness you see around you ALL the fucking time?


The ‘casual’ selfie that, behind the scenes, took 3 layers of make-up; 15 different filters; and 3 hours of taking pictures to finally capture this ‘natural’ look?


The oh-I’m-so-happy-with-my-laptop-on-the-beach-updates while behind the scenes everything is falling apart?


The hey-look-at-me-pulling-of-a-7-figure-launch --- while the person in question is getting deeper and deeper into debt because costs are out of control due to overly large teams & expenses you need to put said launch together?

Aren’t you DONE with being someone you’re actually not – not completely, not fully - YOURSELF?


For hiding your truth, not sharing what you believe in, feeling scared to show your vulnerability OR your success?


For doing business in ways you don’t love, and changing (ever so slightly) who you are and how you most LOVE to do things - because the ‘business gurus’ tell you it doesn’t work that way, and you must work hard, and you should follow these steps, or else you’ll never make it?


Yeah.  We are, too!


I’m Maartje Koper.


What realness means to me is being honest and truthful. I share (almost) everything with my clients. And not just AFTER it happened or when I processed what I'm going through, but most of the time even when I am going through things. I think that is really powerful because it teaches my clients the best way to make the shifts they desire to make. 


I share it when I have success moments but also when things are difficult. I even did webinars where I shared my bank statements and other behind the scenes stuff. 


Why that matters to me so much is because I have a deep desire to shed off all of my layers.


To completely love myself just as I am and show myself exactly as I am.


And I feel that the message that you can be a master manifestor even though you are not perfect is a REALLY important message to share.  


I am chaotic, unsure of myself, make mistakes and want something different every 10 seconds and I STILL have a successful business.


AND I have many, many more character traits that business coaches or image consultants would advise me to sweep under the carpet because no one would buy my programs and would trust me if they find out.


But I don't believe in holding myself back JUST to "get clients." I think people are too valuable to be lead on like that. 


I held myself back for years and years because I judged myself constantly for being not good enough and not being "there" yet. That's something I am no longer doing, and that has made ALL the difference in my life. 


What drives me to deliver this program is that I also CRAVE for realness. AND I want other people to be real too. I am magnetized to people when they are real, and they show their true selves. Then I just want to learn more and more and more. 


I’m the perfect person to deliver this program because this is who I AM. I can't even be any other way anymore. And besides.... we didn't create this program. The Universe did, and we are just picked to share this program because we were willing and ready to show up in a real and vulnerable way.


And what I love about Brigitte is everything about her! I love her energy. I love how she always follows her own path, whatever other people may think.


I love her creative genius side. And I love that she gives herself space to express that. 

I love her wisdom and her sense of humor. 


Brigitte has been my coach for the past 2 and a half years. Other coaches came and went, but she is still here. I love how she is always SO supportive of me. She never, ever judges me.


She always encourages me to follow my own alignment, whatever that is. And she is also really intuitive and can always feel what is and isn't aligned for me. She never tells me what to do but simply asks questions and guides me to what MY truth is. 



I’m Brigitte van Tuijl.

What realness means to me is, above all, to be ruthlessly true to yourself.


When you FULLY accept yourself, who you are, what you want, and how you want it, any feelings of guilt and shame melt away. You no longer feel the need to explain yourself to others.


When you fully accept yourself, it doesn’t matter what others think of you.


And when you don’t let what others may or may not think about you influence your actions and decisions?


You’re free. You’re true to yourself. And you’re automatically a ‘real’ person.


Why that matters to me so much is that for me, it’s the only way to live that makes any sense. If you’re not true to yourself, then who or what ARE you true to instead??


If you don’t express your OWN soul, then what ARE you expressing? And what’s the point of THAT?


What drives me to deliver this program is that I don’t see enough realness around me, and in the world. And instead of bitching and moaning about that, I’d rather DO something about it. And BE the realness I want to see more of in this world. (I know; cheesy spin on that famous Gandhi quote. But it just says it best.)


I’m the perfect person to deliver this program, because I walk the talk. I’m a living breathing role model of being true to yourself no matter what.


And I’m always expanding and learning in that area, too!


There’s always more to let go of.


There’s always another layer of realness to uncover.


There’s always something new to share or take a stand for that feels scary or uncomfortable.


And in the end, I always go for it anyway.


If it helps me be even MORE me and even more FREE, I’m in! ;-)


What I love about Maartje is that she’s ruthlessly true to herself, too.


She’s not afraid to dive deep, leap far, take risks, be vulnerable, be STRONG, and do life and business in her own way.


She doesn’t put up with any bullshit – including her own.


She doesn’t buy into stories of what is and isn’t possible – why put limits on anything, including herself?


She is as real as it gets.


And I love that about her.


Plus: she’s super funny. An absolute queen of manifesting. AND a fantastic person, too!

Maartje and Brigitte both ACHE for more realness.


We CRAVE stripping away everything we’re not.


We LIVE to express our soul, do what we love, and not compromise on ANY of that, EVER.


We make a difference AND good money as a result of being who we are.


We believe this is the only way to live.


We believe this is the only way to do business.


We believe this is the only way to BE.




That’s why we bring you this program: 

Real, Ruthless & Raw.jpg


And of course, we lead by example.


We created this program in our own way, on our own terms for 100%.


Which for this program meant that:

  • We created the program while we delivered it. We went with whatever came up and wanted to be expressed through us in each moment.


  • We were ruthlessly honest and real with ourselves AND you in everything we shared.


  • We didn’t care about any of the ‘official’ ways people usually create or deliver programs (including how we normally create our own programs ourselves ;-)

Sounds good already? Join us! Click the button below and choose either:

Full pay: one payment of 197 Euros
(VAT for those in The Netherlands not included / approximately 224 US dollars)


2 monthly payments of 111 Euros each
(VAT for those in The Netherlands not included / approximately 126 US dollars per payment)


This program is unlike EVERYTHING that’s ever been made.

(As far as we know.)


So before we tell you what you get, let’s first look at what you DON’T get & what this program is NOT:

  • This program solves none of your problems.


  • You don’t get any modules, checklists or handouts.


  • We don’t take you through any steps.


  • We can’t guarantee you’ll make your money back. (In fact, it’s more than likely that you won’t.)


  • And there was no set curriculum - we had no idea which content wanted to come though beforehand.

We already wrapped up this program - and you get instant access to all 5 recordings that will bring you:


* an absolute GOLDMINE of inspiration & insights – you will hear stuff NO ONE else talks about OR talks about as honest / raw / uncensored as we do.

* And we freely and generously shared ALL of our combined expertise in business, marketing, being true to yourself, manifesting – and whatever else comes up during those calls.


We wrapped up this program already - and when you sign up, you get instant access to the recordings of all 5 calls! 

A teeny-tiny selection of topics we discussed on those calls:

* fuck-it-energy (not caring about what others might think of something so much);

* what it really takes to grow your business beyond what seems to be a ceiling or stuck-point;

* why it can be difficult (or why you can even resist) to receive the things you truly want;

* what it takes to be real and true to yourself - and why that can be so hard sometimes;

* how to handle the worry if people will want to buy your shit;

* and SO MUCH more!


Not sure this is for you yet?


And/or want to get a sneak preview of what the program / the calls will be like?

Listen to this completely unscripted audio below – it’s the recording of us creating the program in real life.


Click play and:


  • Hear how the content & this program completely unfolds in total flow;


  • Experience our personalities & energy;


  • Learn more about fake realness (yes, it’s a thing) and why we hate that so much;


  • Where we are real – and where we are not;


  • The grey areas of realness in marketing;


  • And much more good shit!

Listen to the audio below!